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We’re one of the only offices in Vancouver to offer the Chao Pinhole Surgery Technique! Using this technique we can help you fix gum recession virtually pain free!

Gum recession is the shrinking down of the gum tissue away from where it should be. This leaves the root of the tooth exposed and vulnerable. Several factors can contribute to gum recession, including gingivitis, periodontitis (deeper gum disease), the natural aging process, genetics and forceful tooth-brushing. Oftentimes we do not know what has caused it and simply need to look at how to restore normal gum levels again.

  • Scalpel free
  • Suture free
  • Conventional Graft Free
  • Enhance your smile

About Gum Recession

Gum recession leaves part of the root of the tooth exposed. Since the root is not covered by enamel like the crown of the tooth is, it is much more vulnerable to decay, acid erosion and abrasion from tooth-brushing. It is often also sensitive to cold, acids or sweets. Gum recession can be a cosmetic concern as well, as the root is usually darker in colour than the crown of the tooth. Depending on the amount of recession and the number of teeth affected, the risks and consequences associated with gum recession can be very minor to quite severe.

Who should have gum recession treated?

Anyone with any recession that is either notable in terms of amount or number of teeth involved, and/ or who has notched and/or sensitive root exposure should have a procedure done to restore healthy gum levels. Sometimes these factors can affect young people who have most of their lifetime still ahead of them and should get back to a state of optimal oral health. Oftentimes this is more of an issue well into adulthood when we want to not only maintain our health but also prepare for ideal health in our later years, especially the prevention of root decay.

Treatment Options

  1. Traditional treatments involve using tissue from either the roof of your mouth or sterilized and dehydrated tissue from a deceased donor which is stitched into incisions in the area of recession and left to heal. This is a very effective method but caused significant discomfort both from the donor site in your palate and in the stitched up area.
  2. The Chao Pinhole® Surgical Technique is much less invasive as there is no tissue removal from the palate, no sutures and no incisions and thus the pain afterwards is relatively minimal. PST has been clinically proven to be effective long-term and has many years of successful results behind it.

How does the Chao Pinhole® Surgical Technique (PST) work?

After local anesthetic to numb the area, a tiny opening is made in the gum over the receded area using only a needle, hence the term “Pinhole.” Through this tiny hole specialized instruments are used to loosen the gums and allow them to drape back into their previous position. Elastic fibres within the gums immediately contract again, tightening around the teeth. Collagen is placed to hold the gums in place and stabilize them while they heal. The pinholes heal over in a day or two. With this technique we can achieve equivalent results to traditional grafting methods with dramatically reduced pain and discomfort afterwards.

Chao Pinhole® Surgical Technique (PST) Benefits

There are many benefits to reducing your gum recession with PST:

  • Clinically proven and scientifically verified over many years
  • Reduced root sensitivity
  • Protected root surfaces
  • Improved long-term tissue support for the affected tooth or teeth
  • Significantly less discomfort after treatment compared with traditional grafting methods
  • Easier and quicker recovery after treatment compared with traditional grafting methods
  • Natural-looking, long-lasting results

Who can provide Chao Pinhole® Surgical Technique for me?

Only dentists who have gone to California and taken the full training directly from Dr. John Chao himself are certified to perform PST. There are only 2100 dentists worldwide who are certified and only about 50 in Canada. As such, Dr. Jain is an early adopter of this revolutionary technique and has the mentorship of Dr. Chao supporting her. Dr. Jain enjoys spending the time with her patients to discuss their treatment needs and options so you can trust that she has your best interests at heart when considering gum recession treatments, along with other aspects of your oral health.

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How much pain should I expect afterwards?

Generally the pain after PST is minimal. You will not need prescription painkillers and will likely only need to take acetaminophen and ibuprofen for the first couple of days. Dr. Jain will administer a long-lasting local anesthetic to minimize any same day discomfort. You will have some painless swelling for the first week.

What will the treated areas look like immediately after the procedure?

There will be some puffiness but minimal bleeding as the pinholes are so small. Your gums will immediately look better positioned as the receded areas will be covered up and there will be no sutures!

What is the after-care like?

We will give you detailed instructions on how to care for the areas being treated in terms of brushing and things to avoid (such as alcohol, smoking and aerobic exercise) that will delay healing. Following all of the instructions is very important for the success of the procedure, as is attending each scheduled follow-up appointment with us.

What is the downtime afterwards in terms missed work?

If your work is not physically demanding and does not require too much speaking, one day off after the procedure is adequate. If your work demands more physical exertion or public speaking you may need to take 2-3 days off so as not to impede ideal healing.

Do I need to see a gum specialist?

No. A specialist is not required to diagnose gum recession or perform PST, as a general dentist can become equally qualified by taking the proper in depth training from the Pinhole® Academy.

Will I need to take antibiotics?

Antibiotics are not routinely prescribed. They are only required if one of the teeth in the area has had a root canal in case of a latent infection.

Will the results last compared with traditional grafting?

Yes. This procedure results in thicker, stronger, healthier tissues at the gumline so the results are predictable and long-lasting.

Will my insurance cover this procedure?

If you have insurance coverage for other gum procedures this will be covered at the same rate. We will preauthorize this procedure ahead of time so you know what your own personal financial investment would be.

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