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Most Popular Surgical Services

Dental<br /> Implants

Replace missing teeth and restore your smile.

Wisdom Tooth Removal
Wisdom Tooth Removal

Protect your mouth’s future.

Root Canal<br /> Therapy
Root Canal

Keep your natural tooth for longer!

Pinhole Surgical Technique
Pinhole Surgical Technique

Pain free repair for gum recession!

Other Dental Services

Soft Tissue Laser:

Soft tissue lasers have many applications including: re-contouring gums, reducing tongue-ties, treating canker sores, and other small surgical procedures. Procedures done with the laser are drastically less invasive than surgery, heal faster, bleed minimally, are more time efficient, and are far safer.


Dr. Jain is one of very few dentists who treat infant anterior and posterior tongue-ties and lip-ties. She is well-versed and trained in these procedures due to many years of exposure and tutelage from her mother, Dr. Evelyn Jain, a family doctor and pioneer in the field of breastfeeding medicine and tongue tie, and an internationally renowned speaker on the subject. Dr. Jain performs frenectomies with the soft tissue laser or scissors, depending on the case, and takes the time to explain all options to you at the consultation visit.

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