More Reasons Why You Should Floss

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Think back to all your dentist visits, no doubt you will recall the question, “do you floss?”. It’s a fear of many to hear their dentist say those words because often of the time the answer was no. So why do so many dentists put such a huge emphasis on flossing? No one will argue the importance of brushing teeth; however, flossing seems to be overlooked by many. It requires little effort and time and it plays an enormous role in oral hygiene and health. When it comes to brushing your teeth, there is instant gratification – that furry layer on the surface of your teeth is no longer there and your breath feels a lot fresher. That is definitely not the case with flossing – the benefits go completely unnoticed by patients. So, what exactly does flossing do?

It Eliminates Potential Problems


What potential problems does it avoid? The most obvious ones. It removes around 40% of the plaque that is in the mouth. Plaque is a dangerous thing – it can lead to gum disease. It generates acid in the mouth which causes cavities and in turn irritates the gums. Plaques and bacteria tend to hide in between the teeth which is not possible for a toothbrush to reach.


Halitosis is another way of saying bad breath. Bad breath is something that everyone wants to avoid without a doubt. Flossing can help with this. Brushing teeth and using mouthwash can hide this condition for a period of time, but flossing will actual eliminate the problem itself.


Tartar is plaque that has hardened and as result causes serious problems such as tooth decay. Keep in mind that tartar itself can be avoided by flossing. It can also be removed through flossing. The key here to floss frequently. You should be flossing at least once a day – a regular daily routine such as brushing your teeth.

It Doesn’t Hurt the Pocket

It does the opposite of causing a financial burden – it saves you money! A box of floss will cost you next to nothing in comparison to what a root canal will cost you. A root canal is what you will need if you end up with Gingivitis, a gum disease that is caused by built up plaque.

Overall Health

This is not overall oral health – this is overall health. A good oral hygiene routine has benefits that affect the entire body. For example, diabetics are now encouraged to floss daily and keep up a good oral hygiene routine because it is directly linked to their medical condition. Diabetes is not the only condition that is affected by oral health – heart disease is another one.

Overall, a good oral hygiene routine is reliant on flossing. Flossing has never ending benefits and it has no disadvantage. It is good for the heart, body, mouth, as well as the pocket. Therefore, the next dental visit should not be the next time you floss your teeth. Get started today and put your health first.

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