Benefits of Invisalign

 In cosmetic dentistry

Imagine this: You are married with children and you are regarded as a success in the secular world – perhaps you are the managing partner of a company. But the only problem is that your teeth have become slightly misalign or crooked. Now would you be comfortable with wearing conventional braces to work? Most likely not! However bad misaligned teeth may be, the look of the metal braces is not that much of an improvement. But if you were in such a position, you wouldn’t need to fear. Invisalign is yet another advancement in dentistry – it is virtually an invisible method of straightening teeth. They are see-through aligners that have fit your mouth and can be removed when necessary. So how do we know that this method is better than the conventional braces?


Invisalign Braces

This is the most obvious benefit to Invisalign. The conventional braces look bigger and more unattractive – they are very noticeable (especially on adults) and can often trap unwanted food in them. On the other hand, the Invisalign braces are see-through in appearance and are barely noticeable.

Comfort and Convenience

The main reason why this method brings much more comfort is because, unlike conventional braces, they can be removed. This makes them more convenient because you can just take them out on special occasions or when it doesn’t suit you to have them in. Brushing and flossing is also easier because you can remove the braces before you clean your teeth, making it less complicated. Other than being able to remove them, they are smooth and do not irritate the gums at all.

The Time It Takes

Unlike traditional braces which can take up to five years to completely straighten your teeth, Invisalign can have it done in less than a year and a half. Also, the dentist visits are fewer and far between – with Invisalign the visit will take place around every six weeks.

No Trial-and-Error

Often it is the case with conventional braces that it becomes a trial-and-error situation. The patient doesn’t always know for sure how long they will need to wear the braces and it can be frustrating for them. With Invisalign you know exactly what to expect. The dental planning that comes with the treatment is completely computerised and is done in depth. This method of teeth straightening can be more expensive than the older methods, but it should be expected taking into account the advancement in the technology.

Invisalign clearly has many benefits. It not only straightens the unwanted misaligned or crooked teeth, which can cause serious problems if they are left untreated, but it does so in absolute style. The invisible braces are barely noticeable, comfortable to wear and they can be removed when it is convenient. The method itself doesn’t take nearly as long as conventional braces can take and the patient known exactly what to expect going into it. Your teeth can be straight and shining in no time if you just look into Invisalign and its many benefits.

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