How Do Dental Implants Work?

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Dental implants are metal posts or frames that are surgically positioned into the jawbone beneath your gums and they allow a replacement tooth to be mounted successfully. They are then needed when someone suffers tooth loss – perhaps from tooth decay, periodontal disease or injury. There are many options to choose from if you have lost a tooth, but dental implants are probably the best option. But why are they so beneficial, and how exactly do they work?

The Steps to A New Smile

First and foremost, will be the meeting with your dentist at Redtree Dental. This is when your treatment plan will be developed. After all that has been decided on then the actual placement of the dental implant will begin. In a surgery, the dentist will place the implant into the jawbone. Over time – weeks or months – your natural jawbone will fuse with the implants, and during this process the dentist will monitor your progress. Then your implant needs to somehow connect to the replacement tooth, and it does this via an abutment. This small connector allows the replacement tooth to attach to something. This abutment can also connect to an implant-supported bridge or dentures containing multiple teeth. Depending on your situation, your dentist will attach the replacement tooth/teeth.

Why Choose Dental Implants

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There are many benefits that come with dental implants. First and foremost is the number one benefit would be the appearance and comfort. They couldn’t look more natural, resulting in the patient often looking and feeling younger after the procedure and these dental implants, unlike removable dentures, are permanent. They come with comfort and class – the implants will never move or slip around your mouth when you are speaking. Dental implants can last a lifetime, although they require a few check-ups. Not only are they permanent, but they are also protective. Without having a tooth to support, the jawbone will start to deteriorate. Implants then obviously ensure the protection of the jawbone itself.

The advantages of dental implants do not stop there. They make eating, speaking and keeping a daily oral hygiene routine much easier. And thanks to the fact that there is enough space on either side of the tooth to ensure that it is cleaned properly, halitosis is avoided. What is halitosis? It is a scientific term for bad breath – and nobody wants that. With all of these good points, having dental implants have been known to increase a patient’s self-confidence and self-esteem, which in turn benefits them in all aspects of their lives.

Dental implants are truly remarkable. Dentistry is an everchanging thing and we need to try and keep up with all the advancements. These dental implants can improve a patient’s entire lifestyle. Their speech, appearance, eating habits, oral hygiene routine, as well as their self-esteem improves. Don’t let the thought of losing a tooth scare you. With dental implants, it can go unnoticed that you have a replacement tooth in your mouth. Dental implants are definitely the way to go.

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