Full Smile Makeover Techniques

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A nice smile is a desirable trait, especially for those who have serious issues with their teeth. Having bad teeth can be a source of embarrassment, low self esteem and difficulties in social situations. Thankfully, there are so many options in the world of cosmetic dentistry to give you a brand new smile. There are many reasons a person may need a full smile makeover, ranging from genetics to trauma to poor dental hygiene and any of these can be corrected with a good cosmetic dental procedure.

There are many different methods to achieve a full smile makeover. Depending on your personal situation, you may find that just one or a combination of treatments will give you a smile worth smiling about.

Smile Makeover Procedures

smile makeover procedures

Veneers: For teeth that have mild surface imperfections or discoloration, the application of either a porcelain or composite veneer can greatly improve the aesthetics of the tooth. They can provide uniform shape and color over the tooth, while still having your natural teeth underneath them. This is a great way for someone to quickly and easily transform their smile, by the systematic application of the veneer to areas of the tooth by a dental care provider.

Crowns: Much like a veneer in theory, a crown is a cap placed over the entire enamel surface of the tooth, covering any deformities, discoloration or minor imperfections. Crowns are most often used when there is significant damage or loss to your original tooth. It helps save the remainder of a damaged tooth, while improving the overall appearance of the tooth.

Implants: If you are missing a tooth for any number of reasons, a dental implant is the permanent replacement solution. Much like its name indicates, an implant is implanted into the jaw using a screw as a substitute for a root. They look much like your natural teeth and can prevent any further damage to your facial structures due to other teeth shifting when a void is present.

Bridges: An alternative solution for a missing tooth, a bridge uses crowns placed over the teeth surrounding a missing tooth to hold a false tooth in place. It is a fairly common practice, and especially popular if the surrounding teeth have imperfections or cavities that will ultimately need capping at some point. This is a long term solution, but not permanent.

Braces: Braces are used to align your teeth and have come a long way over the years. They can help with repositioning crooked teeth, correcting overbites, underbites, other issues with bite and many other issues with misaligned teeth or jaw structure. Traditionally they are metal wired, and with elastic and brackets they are attached to the teeth. Invisalign Clear braces have grown in popularity over, as well as clear aligners.

Regardless of your dental troubles, we can help you find the solution that best fits your needs. We can work with you with so many options that there’s nothing coming between you and a smile you’re not afraid to flash.

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