Benefits of Chao Pinhole Gum Surgery

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Receding gums can be a sign of gum disease or just part of the ageing process. In the past, the only way to restore the gum line was to use a painful form of surgery known as gum grafting to correct receding gums. Today, Chao Pinhole Surgery offers us a much gentler option.

Instead of using gum grafting, the periodontist loosens the gum tissue from the teeth before expanding it to reconstruct the gum line. As the name suggests, all this work is done through tiny holes with the help of specialized instruments.

Chao Pinhole Surgery is Less Invasive

Chao Pinhole Surgery is a significant advance because it is far less invasive than traditional gum grafting. Gum grafting requires a full surgery in which donor tissue (often taken from the roof of the mouth) is grafted onto the gums, but the Chao Pinhole Technique simply stretches existing gum tissue over the teeth.

No Incisions, Less Bleeding and No Sutures

Whereas traditional gum grafting required extensive incisions to be made, the pinhole technique needs nothing but a few precise pinholes.

By eliminating the need for making incisions, the technique also reduces bleeding, making the task much easier for the periodontist and reducing the chance of infection later on.

Few things can be as uncomfortable as sutures in the mouth. But with only tiny pinholes being used to perform the procedure, there’s no need for sutures.

Quick Healing

We can see that a lot of benefits flow from an advance that transform surgery into a non-invasive procedure. The pinhole procedure reduces pain, slashes recovery times, and allows for rapid healing with minimal discomfort or side effects. You will not need time off work after this procedure, although you will need to eat soft woods and use a prescription mouthwash for a few weeks.

Improved Appearance and Better Oral Health

Receding gums make you look “long in the tooth,” but the oral health problems they cause are of much more serious concern. Teeth can loosen, exposed tooth roots can cause pain and sensitivity, infections can find their way in, and you can lose your teeth altogether.

With the gum line restored, you look better, and your oral health has a chance to improve. What’s more, the adjusted gums look perfectly normal and natural.

Receding Gums? You Should See Your Dentist

It’s understandable that patients once feared gum grafting surgery, but with Chao Pinhole Gum Surgery, what was once a major procedure has become something that patients can take in their stride with no disruption to their daily life.

Your oral health is important, and if your gums are receding, it could be a symptom of gum disease. Tooth loss is bad enough as possible consequences go, but recent research has found links between gum disease and overall health that you shouldn’t ignore. Visit your Fairview dentist and find out whether there is cause for concern.

If, for aesthetic or medical reasons, you think you’re a candidate for Chao Pinhole Gum Surgery, check whether the dentist or orthodontist you plan to visit is trained to perform it before making your appointment.

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