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A smile is a big part of a person’s identity. Each smile is different and can either brighten the face and enhance the good features or it can detract attention from them.

With the option now of cosmetic dentistry, anyone can enhance their smile through a simple procedure – sometimes even in a single trip to your Fairview dentist. Often though, all procedures can be avoided if an oral hygiene routine is developed and maintained. An oral hygiene routine is essential for keeping teeth in the best condition and preventing problems such as tooth decay and gum disease. What is included in this routine?

Here are a few oral hygiene tips to follow:

1. Brush Teeth Daily

This may seem to be obvious, but many people misunderstand the importance of brushing teeth at least twice a day – after breakfast and again after dinner. The first prize goes to brushing your teeth after every meal, but the minimum is twice a day. Brushing the teeth is fundamental as it removes any food debris and it prevents dental plaque build-up.

2. Don’t Forget to Floss

Flossing is just as important as brushing and is neglected by the majority. Flossing removes any food debris and tartar in places which the toothbrush simply cannot get to.

3. Pick the Correct Toothpaste

Many disagree on using fluoride toothpaste, however, fluoride fights against tooth decay. Dentists encourage this toothpaste to ensure oral hygiene is maintained.

4. Replace Toothbrush Regularly

Over time, the bristles on the toothbrush can deteriorate and result in an ineffective brush. A toothbrush should be changed every few months; at least four times a year.

5. Watch What You Eat

There is more to oral hygiene than the homecare, it also includes watching what you put into your mouth – this includes sodas and alcohol. Anything with a high sugar content is not good for oral hygiene. Foods such as nuts, cheese, fruits and vegetables are good for the teeth.

6. Avoid Midnight Snacks

Even if your midnight snack is a healthy one, if the food is not brushed off of your teeth afterwards then it could promote tooth decay.

7. Brush Correctly

It doesn’t help if you’re brushing your teeth twice a day but you are not doing a correct job. It’s essential that you do not push too hard and you brush for at least two to three minutes.

8. Use the Correct Equipment When Playing Sports

Because during sports the risk of injury is much higher, it is important to protect the teeth by using the correct equipment, such as a mouthguard.

9. Drink Water

Water is a much better option than any other beverage. Unlike tea, coffee and red wine it does not stain your teeth; and as far as sodas and alcohol are concerned, water contains no sugar. It can wash out any unwanted food particles in the mouth.

10. Regular Dentist Check-ups

This is one of the most important oral hygiene tips. Only a dentist can pick up on certain problems and provide the best solutions.

Keeping a good oral hygiene routine can benefit you for the rest of your life and preserve your teeth and prevent problems from occurring. Use these tips to see where you could perhaps improve, and enhance your smile from home.

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