“You and your staff are unbelievably friendly and always put me at ease. You are the first dentist I look forward to seeing.” – R.H.

Most Popular General Dentistry Services

Dental Emergencies
Dental Emergencies

We treat a full range of dental emergencies and can schedule you in ASAP!

Cleanings and Check Ups
Cleanings and Check Ups

Keep your teeth and body healthy with regular dental cleanings and check ups!

Additional Services & Equipment Info

Digital Radiography: We are committed to providing safe and comfortable treatment to our patients. By using digital radiography, we can uncover hidden oral health problems while exposing you to half the x-ray exposure of traditional film x-rays. The image appears almost immediately, saving time for the patient. Digital radiography is also better for the environment as it eliminates the use of processing chemicals.

Digital Intra-Oral Camera: The camera is a tiny wand-shaped device that shows both Dr. Jain and the patient exactly what is happening in the mouth. It instantly transmits a crystal-clear, detailed image of individual teeth. This allows us to see and better understand a patient’s dental needs. We store all images on file to monitor situations as they progress.

Night Guards: Do you suffer from headaches or clenching and grinding your teeth? Night guards are an effective treatment! Long term, durable, and worn only during sleep, night guards can prevent clenching and grinding of teeth and relieve tension associated with headaches. Patients who show signs of a stressful bites are candidates for a night guard to reduce wear on teeth and tension in the mouth and neck area.

Sport Guards: We make custom sport guards! Sport guards are a plastic guard that covers your teeth and can prevent costly and traumatic injuries. Custom-made sport guards are far more comfortable and offer a higher level of protection compared to generic mouth guards.

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Patient Feedback

  • You did a fantastic job on my tooth and I had zero discomfort after. I was expecting some as I know this cavity was quite deep.  I can say with complete confidence that you are providing superior care in a super comfortable and “non-traditional” environment.

  • I love Redtree Dental! Working in the dental profession I am very particular about who cares for my teeth. I chose Dr. Jain because I believe she provides superior dentistry, in a calm, kind and friendly manner without suggesting dentistry that may not need to be done.

  • Coming to Redtree Dental is a much more pleasant experience than what I have been exposed to before going to other dental offices. It feels like a nordic home. Anita is a wonderful, talented dentist who respects my concerns about environmental products.

  • I would highly recommend Red Tree Dental for anyone! To start, the office is ultra-modern, sterile but with a very comfortable atmosphere. But most importantly, it’s the wonderful staff that make it the best dental experience I’ve ever had (and I’ve been a patient there for 3 years now). They’re so awesome, very friendly so you’re instantly put at ease.