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Improve the shape, colour, and alignment of your teeth and love your smile again!

Over time our teeth break down and crack causing our teeth to lose their pristine appearance and perhaps limiting use of our radiant smiles. Crowns, Veneers, and Onlays are all used to restore form and function to atrophied teeth. Many patients decide they want these appliances for aesthetic reasons but numerous health benefits also exist. Additionally, improving your teeth and smile can boost your confidence and even help you maintain overall body health.

  • Instantly straight and perfect white teeth
  • Custom designed
  • Permanent colour
  • Durable
  • No dark gum line
  • Short treatment period
  • Restores tooth form and function

Additional Information

Crowns: When a tooth is broken or severely damaged, a crown is built around the remaining healthy tooth structure to improve the function of the area. The crown both strengthens the tooth and improves the appearance of your smile!

Veneers: A durable porcelain shell is placed on your tooth to cover the outside and biting edge. Veneers are used to restore proper proportions of front teeth. They can fix teeth that are too small, chipped, worn down, cover discolourations, or fill in small gaps. A thin layer of enamel will need to be removed in order for the veneers to be cemented.

Onlays: A dental onlay is similar to a filling but much more long lasting. Onlays are fabricated in a lab and then cemented to your teeth at a second appointment. Onlays are stronger, and more durable than fillings, meaning your teeth will be sealed and protected from further deterioration for longer.


Will my teeth have to be shaved down into little points?

Contrary to popular belief, porcelain veneers only require a small reduction in tooth structure because they are less than 0.5 mm thick. In some cases, your tooth structure may not need to be reduced at all.

How long will my veneers and crowns last?

Typically, your veneer or crown should last between 20-25 years without atrophying or losing colour.

Should I be worried about my crown or veneer coming loose depending on what I eat?

Live your life as you usually would. Your Porcelain veneer or crown is durable and can handle whatever you throw at it once it has bonded.

Will my insurance cover the cost of this treatment?

Most of our treatments are covered by a majority of insurance companies. For a more detailed explanation of your coverage please call your service provider.

Other Cosmetic Services

Botox®:Reduce forehead lines, frown lines, crows feet, and look younger with Botox. Botox is the industry leader in wrinkle reduction!
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Tooth Jewels: Tooth Jewels are a temporary yet fun method of enhancing your smile without affecting your natural teeth. A small diamond is placed on the front side of the tooth to give your smile that little extra sparkle!

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Patient Feedback

  • You did a fantastic job on my tooth and I had zero discomfort after. I was expecting some as I know this cavity was quite deep.  I can say with complete confidence that you are providing superior care in a super comfortable and “non-traditional” environment.

  • I love Redtree Dental! Working in the dental profession I am very particular about who cares for my teeth. I chose Dr. Jain because I believe she provides superior dentistry, in a calm, kind and friendly manner without suggesting dentistry that may not need to be done.

  • Coming to Redtree Dental is a much more pleasant experience than what I have been exposed to before going to other dental offices. It feels like a nordic home. Anita is a wonderful, talented dentist who respects my concerns about environmental products.

  • I would highly recommend Red Tree Dental for anyone! To start, the office is ultra-modern, sterile but with a very comfortable atmosphere. But most importantly, it’s the wonderful staff that make it the best dental experience I’ve ever had (and I’ve been a patient there for 3 years now). They’re so awesome, very friendly so you’re instantly put at ease.